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Hermis Live! - BlogTalk Radio

A hard hitting talk radio show that focuses on civil rights issues accross the Nation while bringing in some local Worcester, MA flair.

Listen Live on BlogTalkRadio!

Madbrook Candles - Julie Riendeau

Madbrook Candle JarsJulie is the owner and founder of Madbrook Candles. Madbrook Candles are handmade candles in handmade jars scented to order and freshly poured! Madbrook has over 20 scents available.

Check them out and order yours today Madbrook Candles

Alberto Mercado ~ Writer, Photographer

My Dearest Friend for without your amazingly rich talent, these photos would not have been made available. I honor and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Barbara Scott ~ Life Coach and Reiki Master


Skip Shea ~ Writer, Actor, Director, Poet


Carol Hauer ~ Pilates Instructor

Works in Groups or One On One. Carol is available in Eastern and Central Massachusetts Area


Meet Mary Anna Abuzahra ~

For years Mary Anna has studied and worked her creativity in Astrology. Diligently working with New Moon guiding those souls to their place of peace within. She is an expert artist in brilliant design etchings of Henna. This talented woman is one you shall not soon forget. Mary Anna's works are of true spirit and love to the highest degree. You can find Mary Anna at ~ http://www.maryannaabuzahra.com

Barbara Hill ~

I am an artist, poet, and interfaith minister.

I make one of kind earrings, bracelets, and necklaces from a variety of new and old beads, chain, buttons, and other objects that strike my fancy, like postage stamps or shells.

I have made jewlery as gifts for friends who are dealing with illness or injury, keeping that person prayerfully in mind while creating. These pieces often become the most cherished ones.

I can remember where I got almost all of the beads I've collected for 20 years and I like to include as many stories as I can remember about the beads when it leaves it my hands. My email is makki09@comcast.net. I would love to hear from you!

Doreen Morri-Findlay ~ Moon Child, Artist, Designer

Modern Rocks Necklace - Product SampleMy passion is Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry that is wonderful for the soul and your chakras. These gems come to me from all over the world. They are fun, eclectic, rustic and organic. Natural gemstones are my inspiration. The people I meet are truly the benefits of what and how I create. Creating a hopeful tomorrow is the path I have chosen. Won't you join me on this amazing journey?.... www.modernrockz.com

Alissa Janiece - Principal - Greater Light Media

Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Online Marketing